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Jul 31, 2009 8:00pm EDT
pelosi and harry reid, th majoity leaderin thesenate is that th're evil and make too muc money. whathe president has been sayi is their business is o be responsble and provide the services that l of us are paying for andthat they're not providing the servicessafety net we're l paying for. he talks about the word "resnsibility." and they're sayingsomething a little diferent, which is ty're making excessive prits and that they arein effect evil companies. he doesn't go ite that far. gwen: how much is is coordinated if at ll? >> it'swell-coordined on th sides. thers a lot of work going o trying to figure outwhat's the best way t sell this, what the best way to attack i. and think what you saw this week is that t administration and the democra decied, you know, there's one person in the whiteouse, you're either a stk or inata, and they'd rather be the stick han the pita and they were getting hit veryhard. they spent a lot o time trying to talk about thiin terms of bringi down costs, that tis would savemoney, it would sve the vernment money and in t long run good for the deficit. but as th
Aug 7, 2009 7:00pm EDT
. >> they face aotential loss ofunemployment benefits but sente majority leader harry reid promised tion. soon after congress returns to washington, we' need to address is matter. unemplment benefits are a sound investment. there shoulbe no disagreement that we should help thoswho are sufferinas a result of an economic crisis they didn't create >> reporter:ongress has alrdy extended unemployment benefits three times duringhis recession. for a closer look today's numbers,e turn to: diane onk, chief economist at mesiw financial, a diversified financial servicesirm in chicago; and jim ellis, assistant managing edir at "business we" magazine. diane swo, companies are still shedding jobs but not a quickly. so, relatively speakin better than expted, right? >> certainly bettethan expected. we also saw an incrse in the hours worked which is one of thosebig precursors to hiring. firms a much more likely to te the employees they have and wo them lger hou before they tually mak that commitnt to actually hing workers. e other good news in t data was anncrease in wages. that w really reflecve in part on t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2